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QuickQual is a Conversion Machine - Here's How It Works

QuickQual is a custom branded Mortgage Calculator that loan officers send via text message to their borrowers directly from your loan origination system.

Borrowers can run payment and closing cost scenarios and issue pre-qualification or pre-approval letters within parameters that the loan officer sets.


Loan Officer Creates QuickQual in LOS

No duplicate data entry is required. QuickQual uses the data already entered in the Loan Origination System and takes 30 seconds to create.



Borrower Receives QuickQual via Text Message

When sharing with your borrower, you can also send QuickQual to their Real Estate Agent.



Borrower Generates Letters On Demand

Your borrower can try different scenarios and as long as it falls within the boundaries the Loan Officer sets they can generate a Pre-Approval or Pre-Qualification letter.



Loan Officer Receives Notifications About Borrower Activity

When Borrowers or Agents login or generate letters, Loan Officers are notified so they can follow up at the right time with the right information.



Happy Loan Officer, Real Estate Agent, and Borrower

QuickQual enables your borrower to be confident and assertive so they can act quickly when they find the right house.


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Why QuickQual?

There are three questions that every borrower has when looking at a house:
  • What's my payment?
  • How much cash do I need to close?
  • Do I qualify?
QuickQual enables the borrower to answer all these questions quickly and accurately, right from their phone using our addictive mortgage calculator. As long as they qualify, the borrower can generate a PDF pre-qualification or pre-approval letter right from their device.

QuickQual gives borrowers the information they need to be confident and assertive homebuyers. Because loan officers can share QuickQual with Realtors, agents are able to generate pre-qualification or pre-approval letters for any offer they're submitting, on demand. No more back-and-forth with the loan officer when time is of the essence.

QuickQual keeps the borrower engaged with the loan officer throughout the entire homebuying process. Becuase QuickQual makes it easy for borrowers to run their own scenarios, loan officers aren't bogged down with clerical tasks like calculating payments or typing multiple pre-qual letters and instead are provided a rich stream of notifications allowing them to reach out to borrowers at the perfect time.
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QuickQual Features

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Real-Time Adjustments

Your borrowers and their real estate agents can update their prequalifaction letter with any dollar amount they qualify for. If they don't qualify, QuickQual helps them contact you to discuss their options.

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Monthly Payment Summary

Impress your borrowers by providing them with an accurate payment scenario using MI factors from your LOS. As they change the purchase price and loan amount, they are given instant updates to help them make informed decisions.

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Analytics & Notifications

Stay in the loop as your borrowers and real estate agents run their own payment and closing cost scenarios. Review data analytics and notifications so you can offer support to your customers right when they need it. Borrowers using QuickQual log in over 22 times on average!

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Closing Cost Summary

With its unique features and data-driven calculations, QuickQual will be more valuable to your borrowers than any generic payment calculator. QuickQual provides a truly accurate closing cost calculator because it uses your data for its calculations. It even automatically updates title insurance and transfer tax.

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Works with Your Current LOS

Pre-qualify borrowers in your LOS like you do today, but instead of generating and updating PDF letters you simply click a button to generate a QuickQual and send it out.

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Controlled, Tracked, and Audited

QuickQual keeps a record of each new pre-qualification letter your customers create. If you need to expire a QuickQual or revoke access, QuickQual gives you the control to do so.

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Company & Loan Officer Branding

QuickQual is completely customized with your company's branding, pre-qualification letter template, and the loan officer's picture and contact information.

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Loan Officer Contact

QuickQual users get a free digital business card with your contact information for your agents and borrowers to easily reference and share.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Across our customers we've seen more than 95% of borrowers login to QuickQual and the average borrower logs in to their personal QuickQual calculator 22 times.

Borrowers love being able to run their own scenarios at all hours of the day with the confidence of knowing that the calculations are specific to their personal situation - not a generic calculator from one of your competitors' websites.

Yes, QuickQual supports either Pre-Qualifications or Pre-Approvals or both if you prefer. We have customers that use all combinations of these options.

No way - QuickQual is integrated right into your Loan Origination System like Encompass, Calyx Point, or Byte. With a single button click and 30 seconds you can have QuickQual ready and sent to your borrower.

If we're not already integrated with your Loan Origination System provider we will work with you to develop an integration.

Nothing. Yes, you read that right - free one-on-one virtual training is offered and recommended. Our amazing Customer Success team will work with you to make sure all of your employees are trained. In fact, we'll even work with some of your real estate agent partners to help them understand the power of QuickQual.

Everyone on our Customer Success team was either a loan officer or a real estate agent before joining LenderLogix so they understand your unique needs.

In most cases we can have your team up and running on QuickQual in less than one week.

We just need examples of your Pre-Qualification and Pre-Approval templates so we can create an exact copy in our system and you will be ready to go.

$0. You pay for QuickQual monthly and we do not charge any upfront fees to get you up and running. We don't believe you should pay exorbitant upfront costs before getting any value out of mortgage software so we won't charge you anything upfront.

Easy! Just Contact Us and we'll be happy to help.

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