Simplifies Pre-Approvals

Supercharge your productivity with an adjustable pre-approval designed for independent mortgage banks, loan officers, and brokers. QuickQual allows the Borrower, Realtor, and Loan Officer to modify pre-qualification and pre-approval letters in a matter of seconds from virtually any device.

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How the QuickQual Process Works


Loan Officer Creates QuickQual in LOS

Your borrower’s loan information is pre-populated into the letter. You set the parameters for that borrower and then text a link right to the borrower’s cell phone.



Borrowers & Realtors Generate Letters on Demand

If shared with the Realtor, both the borrower and the Agents can run payment scenarios and instantly download updated letters right to their phones - so long as they remain inside of the parameters you set.



Notifications Keep Originators in the Loop

Loan originators are notified of all user activity so they can follow up at the right time with the right information. Reduce the unnecessary back-and-forth and give your borrowers a better homebuying experience in today’s competitive market.


QuickQual Features

Impress your borrowers by providing them with accurate payment scenarios using MI factors right from your LOS. This is way more valuable than any generic payment calculator, as accurate closing costs are found using real data. While we have a strategic partnership with ICE Mortgage Technology to integrate with Encompass users, QuickQual can integrate with other platforms as well.

Your real estate agent partners will have access to their own portal where they can easily log in and see all of the clients you’ve given them access to, in one spot. Agents can quickly generate prequalification and preapproval letters for any offer they’re submitting.

Stay in the loop as your borrowers and Real Estate Agents run their own payment and closing cost scenarios. Review data analytics and notifications so you can offer support to your customers right when they need it. On average, borrowers using QuickQual login over 22 times!

Automation shouldn’t sacrifice personalization or remove the human element of lending, so we’ll customize the platform for you - from the branding down to the content (custom state letters, too). Strengthen your relationship with borrowers and agents using a simple, user-friendly interface designed specifically for your organization.

QuickQual users get a free digital business card with your contact information for your agents and borrowers to easily reference and share. Co-branded cards are available for Real Estate Agents upon request.

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User Testimonials

Loan Officers, Agents & Borrowers

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With the QuickQual technology we're converting more pre-qualifications into applications and improving borrower, Realtor, and employee satisfaction. If I took QuickQual away from my loan officers I'd have a mutiny!

Mike Donoghue

President, Premium Mortgage Corporation | Encompass

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QuickQual has changed our evenings and weekends! Instead of running multiple payment scenarios, homebuyers can run estimated payment numbers 24/7. We also like that we don’t have to write as many lender letters as we used to, especially ones on Saturday and Sunday nights.

Scott Baade

Loan Officer and Owner, Colorado Lending Team | LendingPad

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QuickQual has helped free up some time on the weekends for myself and my loan officers. It also gives my clients and my referral partners the accessibility to run monthly payments and closing costs on their own time. It's a super smooth portal that has helped grow my business and set me apart from my competition.

Adriana Bates

Owner & Founder of Clear Mortgage | Calyx

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As a first-time homebuyer, understanding the cost of owning a home can be overwhelming. With QuickQual, the technology is fast and user-friendly, allowing me to run payment scenarios, creating a clearer and more accurate picture of what to expect (financially). I'm extremely grateful our lender and Real Estate partners provided me with this tool.


First-time Homebuyer & Owner of RockPile Athletics

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QuickQual is a game charger in the Real Estate world. Having the ability to adjust my client’s pre-approval letter makes putting together an offer convenient while standing out from my competitors!



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QuickQual has strengthened the relationship with both borrowers and real estate agents. They are still coming to me with questions and I feel like they are not falling off the radar once they get the pre-qualification letter.


Loan Officer | Encompass

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My realtor just issued a pre-qualification letter at 9:50pm for an offer. No calls needed to me but we all connected this morning. I love this!


Loan Officer | Encompass

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I love the fact that if I am on the road I can still go into the mobile site and see what I have them qualified for and adjust the pre-qualification if I need to on the fly.


Loan Officer | Encompass

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I have been sending to most of my clients and agents. They really love the freedom of running payments and closing cost scenarios.


Loan Officer | Encompass

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The agents love that they can see what the client is seeing and being able to have conversations about offers.


Branch Manager | Encompass

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If we ever stopped using QuickQual I would quit!


Loan Officer | Encompass