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QuickQual™ is the industry's only LOS add-on that gives homebuyers and Real Estate partners access to a hyper-focused, borrower specific, payment calculator that offers closing cost scenarios, side-by-side comparison of loan products and the ability to update letters as they shop for their dream home.

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QuickQual increases conversions by creating confident and well-informed homebuyers

In today's digital age, homebuyers expect more than just static PDFs, Excel files comparing loan products, or over-the-phone conversations. They want a truly immersive and convenient mortgage experience that provides hyper-accurate, on-demand answers at their fingertips.

With QuickQual, you can meet their expectations by providing a custom calculator for each borrower. This enables them to run their own scenarios and explore different loan options while browsing houses. So, say goodbye to outdated methods and give your customers the modern digital mortgage experience they deserve.

QuickQual users see an average increase in their pre-qualification to application conversion rate of 30%.

Provide referral partners with a meaningful resource they want

When your partners win, you win. Empowering Real Estate agents with immediate answers at all hours of the day strengthens your relationship. It also elevates your chances of winning the business. Give agents the ability to push the mortgage process along because they're an extension of your team.

Work efficiently by focusing on revenue-generating tasks

Building relationships is the core of what you do. Transactional tasks like crunching numbers and updating letters can take away from more meaningful moments to create opportunities. QuickQual compliments your personal outreach and establishes trust in a way your competition hasn't even considered. Give the people what they want, and that's their dream home at the right price - not phone tag, when a $5k update could make or break their dream.

Deliver amazing experiences at the most critical stages of the home shopping process.

Multiple Loan Scenario Comparisons

Payment & Closing Cost Calculator

Instant Letter Generation

Real-Time Notifications & Analytics

Web-Based, No App Required

Integrated with your Loan Origination System

Fully Customized with your Brand, Colors, Logos, and Letters

Supports Arizona Association of REALTORS Pre-Qualification Form

Supports Texas Form A - Conditional Pre-Qualification Letter - Figure: 7 TAC §80.201(a)

Supports Texas Form B - Conditional Approval Letter - Figure: 7 TAC §80.201(b)

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Customer Testimonials

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A true story about what QuickQual does for your life: We had my daughter's birthday party a few weeks ago at our house. I had two emails pop up on my phone that day notifying me that my borrowers logged in and generated new letters. The last thing I wanted to do was go sit at my desk and update pre-approval letters. Thankfully, I didn't have to. The letters were generated and on Monday morning the contracts were in my email. I did absolutely nothing that weekend in terms of work, and I got to enjoy my little girl's party.

Peter Brock

Senior Mortgage Banker, Apex Home Loans

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I continue to be impressed with the QuickQual program. This thing is killing it over here. Funny thing is that I'm getting plenty of attention from Agents just because I have the utility; new referrals are coming in from people who aren't even plugged into the program. Worth its weight in gold.

Michael Dormer

Principal Advisor, Halcyon Home Loans

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This is a fabulous service that connects our borrower, realtors and Loan Officers during the pre-approval phase. 5 stars!

Nikki Shetler

Sales Manager, Holland Mortgage Advisors

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We recently partnered with LenderLogix to use QuickQual and it has been a game changer. Customers and realtors have the opportunity to put offers in quicker and expand their home search with the click of a button. Customers have been raving on how easy QuickQual is to use and they really enjoy taking advantage of the calculator tool.

Johnny Graves

Mortgage Loan Officer, Northwest Bank

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QuickQual has helped free up some time on the weekends for myself and my loan officers. It also gives my clients and my referral partners the accessibility to run monthly payments and closing costs on their own time. It's a super smooth portal that has helped grow my business and set me apart from my competition.

Adriana Bates

Owner & Founder, Clear Mortgage

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LenderLogix is an invaluable new tool in marketing for a loan officer as it helps seal the relationship between my customer and me as well as the real estate agents that I will partner with for transactions. Thank you LenderLogix, my business has improved since I have been utilizing your system.

Mark West

Loan Officer, Gulf Coast Bank & Trust

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QuickQual is an incredibly powerful tool for lenders. It's way more robust than anything I've used for pre-approvals. I've used SimpleNexus, Floify, Blend, and others... Real Estate Agents never engaged with those solutions. With QuickQual, we've seen 100% adoption. There's just not another product out there like it. It's well worth the investment.

Scottie Campbell

Waymaker Mortgage

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"Customers have been raving on how easy QuickQual is to use and they really enjoy taking advantage of the calculator tool."

QuickQual Integrations

Don't see your Mortgage Loan Origination System? Don't worry!
QuickQual can also be used standalone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

QuickQual is accessible from any web browser. Borrowers use the unique link and 4-digit PIN you share with them (via SMS/email) to access their dynamic letter.

QuickQual pulls your loan and borrower data directly from your LOS. If you're not using an integration, you will have to input the loan and borrower data manually.

The fixed fees in QuickQual come directly from the itemization in your loan origination system. In the event that something isn't filled out in your LOS, we ensure all custom fixed fees are pre-set.

We configure QuickQual to best fit your needs with your branding, letter templates, team headshots, outgoing communications and notification settings. We also accommodate custom state letters like those in Arizona and Texas.

In most cases, we can have your team up and running on QuickQual within a week. Our team will work with you to ensure everything is set up for your success. We do not believe in charging upfront fees, so rest assured that getting up and running is a light lift.

Have more questions? Check out the full list of FAQs.

Mortgage lenders, banks, and credit unions across the country are using QuickQual

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