Operation Fido™

Buying a new home is one of the best moments in a person’s life. Welcome their furry friends with new pet tags!

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Pet owners (and their pets) love them

When your customers move in to their new home they'll receive a surprise in the mail and they will be thrilled. Here's how the process works!


Borrower Gets a Text and Email Asking About Their Pets

Borrower receives text message and email the day after the loan finishes the "Application" Milestone asking them to tell us about their pets.


Borrower Enters Pet Information

Borrower clicks the link and provides the name and size (Small/Medium or Large) of up to Six pets and verifies the address and phone number to be printed.


Loan File Closes

When the loan reaches the "Closed" Milestone, the order is automatically batched with all other closings for that month and sent to the manufacturer on the 1st of the following month.


The Homeowner Receives Their Surprise

A few weeks after closing the new pet tags will arrive at the new address. Your customers will love them and they love to tell their friends about this positive experience with their mortgage company!

Want to see how your company's Pet Tags would look?

Tell us some more information and we'll email you a proof image with your company's branding.

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Tiny Moments of Delight

As your customer moves through the loan journey we’ll send them a text and email to collect information about their pets.  When your customer enters their pet information, we’ll let the Loan Officer know so they stay in the loop.

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Just In Time Automated Fulfillment

When the loan file closes we’ll have the new pet tags created and shipped to your customer's new address. Pets and their owners love them and you don't need to do a thing!

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Fully Automated With Encompass

Our proprietary technology integrates with Encompass to give you a totally hands off experience. No need to manage lists of loans and pet tags to send - it's all handled automatically and hands off.

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Personalized Messaging and Images

When your customers receive their pet tags we'll send them in a custom branded card that includes a thank you note with a picture of a pet of one of your employees. It's the perfect amount of personalizes that customers love.